Welcome to our REVOLUTIONARY Functional Breakthrough Formula incubator program that will ELEVATE you to BE your best, EMPOWER you with the tools to DO your best, so that you can EMBODY your core values in your health and life, and guide your clients in the same way.




The only certification program that allows you to connect

the dots between different disciplines for WHOLE body healing.

This Program is for You if you're:

  • A Yoga teacher who believes they can create a lucrative business making a multi 6 figure income by providing "value" to others by truly helping them transform to BE their best in their life and health.

  • A Healthcare Practitioner who is ready to break out of their "conventional" business and create a cash based business to add to their revenue stream.

  • A Medical Doctor who is ready to stand for what they believe in and wants to show up for their patients authentically, doing what they were destined to do in life and career - heal themselves and help others heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • A Fitness Trainer or Yoga, Pilates, or Barre Teacher who inherently knows that they are called to do so much more for their clients - making them WHOLE by helping them heal themselves, inside and out. 

  • A frustrated Healthcare Practitioner (MD, PT, OT, NP, PA, RD, DC, ND, etc.) who is sick and tired of being marginalized by the bureaucracies of the medical "system" and is ready to make a mark in the world through their work, willing to stand apart and BE the change they want to see in their industry.

  • A “Health Rebel” who realizes that healing is an inside job and are ready for your own healing journey so you can live your true destiny.

    It doesn't matter if you’re a Yoga teacher, a Healthcare Practitioner, Fitness Trainer, or Medical Doctor…

    ...if you’re tired of constantly dealing with “imposter syndrome” and being unsure of how to best help your patients and clients...


    ...if you know you were made for so much more than you’re doing now and want to fulfill your calling and make great money doing it...


    ...if you first got into the healthcare field to actually make a difference in the lives of your patients and clients...and feel like you’re doing anything but...




    Then you're in the right place.

    20 years ago, just as I was getting out of my doctoral studies and had my entire future ahead of me, I was diagnosed with lupus.


    After years of countless hospital visits, being poked and prodded by every type of doctor and specialist you can imagine, and coming face to face with death 3 times I’ve come to 3 important realizations:

    We are all of us stuck in a hopelessly broken medical system that separates the human body into separate pieces without ever considering the person as a whole

    As a result, the patient never gets the care they truly need to get well again, and they end up living their entire lives in pain and stuck on liver toxic medication

    There’s no chance that things will ever change unless you and I bridge the gap and become the change we want to see

    My name is Dr. Connie Jeon, and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s board certified in functional medicine, a registered and licensed dietician, a double certified national Pilates instructor and a nationally registered Yoga Practitioner, I’ve not only connected the dots between different disciplines for WHOLE body healing... 


    ...but I’ve helped hundreds of Yoga Teachers, Healthcare Practitioners, Fitness Trainers & Medical Doctors do the same.

    After seeing the reality of the medical field long enough I had to start asking myself some hard questions:

    Why did I even go into medicine in the first place?


    Did I really go to school and pay that much money just to be a technician that pushes paper all day long…


    ...just to repeat the process again the next day?

    It was during this time that I was also trying to get well in my fight against lupus.


    But it was clear by this point that the only chance I had of getting well was to take my health into my own hands.


    I tried everything: 

    • Conventional medicine 
    • Functional medicine 
    • Nutrition 
    • Supplements 
    • Emotional work 
    • Energy healing

    And everything in between…

    ... but it wasn't until I started practicing yoga that things started to come together and I began to make progress in my healing. 

    I discovered that yoga unifies all these other practices together in a way that no other discipline can.


    Here's how:


    The thoracic spine allows your brain to have neurological input into all the areas of your body, since the CNS with all its divisions and nerve endings go to innervate all the organs in your body such as the stomach, the pleen, the heart, and digestion.


    But here’s the thing: The parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system should be balanced... 


    …but most people are hyper activated, which affects our adrenals. 



    It throws off surges of cortisol.


      It knocks our thyroid and endocrine system off balance because we're always anxious. We're always fearful. We're stressed to our absolute breaking point. We're depressed. 


      But when you move through yoga, you balance. 



      You inhale. 


      You exhale. 


      And you move.


      You create movement with breath, and as you do you sink into your body and modulate the parasympathetic to the sympathetic activity. 


      In that moment you're able to calm your entire nervous system, which has profound effects on your entire organism, including your immune system, your digestive system, your endocrine system, your cardiovascular system…



      Once I started using yoga as part of my overall therapy and treatment,

      everything began to change.


      Over time I combined the most beneficial aspects of functional medicine, nutrition, yoga, meditation, pilates, physical therapy, chiropractic, and many other disciplines...

      But here’s the crazy thing:


      Before breaking away to find a healing plan for myself, not only did my doctors almost kill me three times, but they also gave me a maximum of 10 years to live.


      But here I am, 20 years later, healthier than before I was ever diagnosed.

      In fact, today my blood work shows no signs of lupus whatsoever. If it weren't a part of my permanent medical history, doctors wouldn't even know that I had it.

      "I learned a lot about myself during this Training, and I learned how to provide a restorative experience for myself as well as my students.  I am so thankful that I now get to teach others this powerful practice that can alter the lives of so many.  It's empowered me in ways I can't express."

      Michele T.

      Over the years not only have I helped literally hundreds of clients recover from a variety of chronic illnesses that -- according to their doctors -- they were never supposed to recover from...


      ...but I've armed more functional medicine doctors, yoga teachers, and professionals in the medical field than I can count with the information they need to fulfill their calling and truly help their patients and clients get well…


      ...all while growing their own businesses so they can make more money and gain their freedom doing something that they love.


      This is my passion.

      And that's exactly why I decided to create

      Functional Yoga Medicine (FYM)

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      It’s a specialized, 12 month program designed to help you uncover your identity and the core values that you hold…

      you can step away from a system that poisons its own patients and become a part of the solution... 


      ...while fulfilling the call on your life to heal hurting people.

      Here's what you'll get:

      Customized Training + Modification

      You’ll receive live monthly training with Dr. Connie and Team FYM addressing your needs for optimal alignment and healing. (Outside of this program Dr. Connie charges $499 per visit and does not do private consults anymore.) You’ll also get biweekly accountability and coaching calls with your appointed FYM coach for support and accountability.

      24/7 Access to the Membership Portal

      We’ll provide you with online training, videos, and downloadable worksheets where you can follow along and take notes so you don't miss a thing. The portal is always being updated with new lessons, live class recordings, and learning tools. Your FYM membership includes lifetime access.

      Direct Access to Me

      You’ll receive ongoing live training sessions with Dr. Connie and our FYM Team to address your questions, concerns, and needs in real time with interactive lessons based on your specific needs. You'll also receive support, accountability, and connection with other Functional Yoga Medicine trainees in and out of the classroom.

      The Functional Yoga Medicine Community

      FYM provides access to a community of like-minded yoga teachers, nutritionists, pilates instructors, chiropractors, physical therapists, functional medicine doctors, and other medical professionals committed to growing their businesses by helping their patients and clients regain their health in lasting, meaningful ways. Together this tight-knit community will support you on your journey, celebrate your wins and be there for you when you need help. And of course I’ll be right there with you every minute, guiding you along every step of the way.

      Accountability and Goal 

      Your membership includes bimonthly video calls with your accountability coach to help keep you on track so you're able to stay focused and clear during your certification with the personal goals that you've set for yourself. Maintaining clarity and focus on your personal teaching and business goals is critical to short-term and long-term success in this program.

      FYM Blueprint to Transform Your Body and Mind

      The detailed Yoga sequences and scripts you’ll receive will help you find your own teaching voice, ​and will allow you to learn ways to modify and personalize the program for your own patients and clients regardless of their body type. The FYM blueprint will help you discover your core values and learn to incorporate them into your teaching, so you become rooted in the Alkaline Method principles and are able to utilize this powerful healing tool safely and effectively with your clients.

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      Here's What You'll Learn




      History of: Psychology | Nutrition | Physical Medicine | Functional Medicine | Energy Medicine | Yoga 


      Basic Anatomy + Applied Anatomy in movement, metabolism, detoxification, and elimination


      Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual Alignment Principles


      The Practice - Physical asanas (movement poses) that are signature to the FYM Yoga practice


      Success Mindset to leverage the inner and outer alignment


      Basic Human Nutrition

      Therapeutic Encounter and Teaching Skills to cultivate connection and rapport with your clients. Learning to BE confident in your ability to deliver the healing message they need


      Yoga Therapy - Modifications using straps, blocks and certain manual cues to enhance body awareness 

      Business | Entrepreneurship - social media, digital program development, defining your niche, digital marketing, and 


      Entrepreneurship + Business 101

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      Basic Anatomy + Applied Anatomy in movement, metabolism, detoxification, and elimination
      Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual Alignment Principles
      ​The Practice (master the asanas and learn to move mindfully with breath)


      Anatomy + Alignment Training with Team FYM  to ensure proper body alignment and posture with each FYM pose


      Practice teaching + cueing, adjusting, modifications, etc.



      History of: Psychology | Nutrition | Physical Medicine | Functional Medicine | Energy Medicine | Yoga
      ​Therapeutic Encounter and Teaching Skills to cultivate connection and rapport with your clients

      Yoga Therapy - Modifications using straps, blocks, and certain manual cues to enhance body awareness
      Basic Human ​Nutrition


      Final Exam + Practicum
      Receive your Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hr Certification



      Business | Entrepreneurship - social media, digital programs development, defining your niche, basic digital marketing, Entrepreneurship + Business 101
      Success Mindset to leverage inner and outer alignment and changing identity (subconscious programming)

      Coaching Techniques


      Refining therapeutic skills necessary to ensure success for clients.


      ​Business Training with Dr. Connie and team FYM - Setting up and creating digital programs, selecting appropriate digital platforms to deliver and collect payment, clarifying business model

      Creating a brand for yourself - social media pages and 
      Facebook ads for your business + more

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      You might be wondering what all this costs, and that's a fair question.


      But let me ask you this: how many years have you spent and wanting to make a difference in the lives of your clients and patients but being unsure of how to help them…(or sometimes even making them worse?) 


      How many years of your life have you wasted wishing you had the tools to help others regain their health… you could grow a successful business and get paid well to make a lasting difference in the lives of your clients?

      It took me so many years of suffering...but I finally realized I had a special calling on my life, something to share with the world that no one else had... 


      ...and so do you.


      It’s not an accident that you're reading this right now.

      You have value, and a special purpose for your life.


      I believe that.


      But you can't fulfill the calling on your life without a clear path to getting there.

      I know, because I once sat where you are now. 


      I had done “all the things”...tried all the treatments (for myself and my patients), taken all the courses, gotten all the degrees behind my name…


      ...I had everything anyone in the medical profession would think you needed to be successful...


       And yet none of it worked.

          I was still stuck in the same cycle that you're stuck in now....and I was exhausted, skeptical, and running out of hope.


          But if I had given up, if I hadn't tried one more time, taken that one last chance, I wouldn't be here today to help you.


          It’s because I’ve been given that second chance that I’ve poured everything I have into this program.


          I’ve invested more than 20 years of my life into medical training and well over $250,000 in specialized education to bring FYM to you.

          I can show you the way, give you the tools, and provide you with all the support that you need...

          But I can't make the decision for you.

          So the question you have to ask yourself now is, how much

          is your freedom worth to you?



          $700/month for 12 months

          Lifetime Access to the Online FYM Membership Portal with constant updates, so you can continue learning with updated information long after your training is complete

          Weekly Live Training Sessions with Dr. Connie to supplement every module lesson

          Private Facebook Forum where every question is answered by Dr. Connie + Team FYM, along with insights from your fellow trainees

          Your Own Accountability Coach to keep you on track, focused, and motivated in between weekly live training sessions

          Three Benchmarks to receive feedback from Dr. Connie + Team FYM so you can hone your anatomy knowledge, teaching skills, and business tactics

          Detailed Tutorials incorporating the principles of the Alkaline Method™; coaching to get out of your head and strengthen your inner foundation to elevate your thinking to BE your best, empower you with the specific tools to DO your best, so that you can EMBODY the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life

          Therapeutics of Functional Yoga Medicine to learn the art of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration and  adjustments

          Fundamental Training on the Business of Yoga for both brick and mortar businesses and online businesses, complete with a proven strategy online and offline using the necessary platforms that have been curated for over 20 years

          Turnkey business opportunity to become part of the FYM movement. After successful completion you will have the opportunity to carry the FYM branding, business model, and all digital intellectual property to adapt to your specific demographic. This includes websites, social media branding and design, digital product creation based on your niche, email newsletter templates, automations, digital check out pages, supplements, and trainings to become part of this revolutionary movement



          *Required reading not included*

          You Can Also Pay In Full And Receive

          a $400 Discount

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          Now the ball’s in your court…

          12 months from now you could be looking back on this moment as the best decision you ever made, while your clients’ health continues to improve and you gain a reputation in your community as someone who gets results...

          ...and your business quickly grows as word spreads.

          ...or 12 months from now you could be stuck in the same cycle,  pushing the same papers  and getting the same lacklustre results for your clients while you waste yet another year of your life with no change.

          If you’re reading this right now and think the FYM program might be right for you I want you to click the button below and schedule a call with me

          I’d love to hear your story so we can find out together

          if this program is a good fit for you.

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